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Crypto-assets and the underlying blockchain technology represent a seismic shift in the financial markets, and in recent years have grown in popularity. As of November 2021, the total market value of crypto-assets surpassed USD3 trillion – a roughly quadruple increase since late 2020. Along with the rising popularity of bitcoins, there are various other crypto-assets evolving in the market. They can be classified into subsets, namely cryptocurrency (a virtual currency encrypted by cryptography), asset-back token (a digital claim on physical assets like gold, oil or forest), utility token (a digital token providing the user with access to a product/ service) and security token (a digital token representing an economic stake in a legal entity).

With our numerous involvements in security token offerings (STOs) and initial coin offerings (ICOs), our professional team is experienced and competent in performing crypto-asset valuation and related advisory services, to attend to the needs of issuers, holders and regulatory authorities.